Will We Be Wise And Take A “Preparation Lesson” From Wildlife?


Pica_Eyewire_479x238.ashxAll forms of wildlife have strategies to survive adverse cold winter weather. Bears, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and groundhogs, to name a few, store up fat in their bodies before winter sets in, then sleep through the winter while the stored fat sustains them. Other wildlife stores seeds and plants as food source use during cold and wintry weather, such as chipmunks and pikas (foto above).   Do we as humans learn from our animal associates? How many of us are prepared for the uncertain future?   True, wildlife prepares for a known winter time conditions that happens every year at about the same time, whereas we generally have little knowledge of when it will be necessary to live strictly on our own. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic actions, deadly diseases, enemy actions, accidental release of toxins in the air or other catastrophes occur most of the time with little or no warning to prepare. When the emergency arrives, the day of preparation is past.

We are living in a day of abundance and leisure on a scale the world has never before seen. By and large, most of us have the means to dine out several times a week or month; or, to prepare our own food in our own home with our electric appliances. Few of us have ever been in a water shortage when we did not have plenty to drink and take luxurious hot showers for many minutes.   If we are short on a food item, we merely run to the nearby convenience or grocery store—which most of us do several times a week. Much of grocery food is delivered generally on a “just-in-time” basis, meaning that there is a direct and rapid route of delivery from time and place of growth/production to the store—little time is spent in the warehouse awaiting orders. Therefore, a disruption in the transportation or production supply chain can interrupt the supply resulting in empty grocery stores within just a few hours. I personally saw such a case in Oklahoma where we lived several years ago. A severe ice storm shut down transportation. Within a few short hours, shelf after shelf in the grocery stores was emptied.

Now, if some kind of catastrophic event occurs “out of the blue,” have we been wise and prudent enough to prepare for ourselves and our families? There are many forms and ways to prepare for the unforeseen. However, perhaps the most important immediate goal is to 1) have a safe supply of water (without which a human can survive less than five day); 2) food, which takes second place (humans can survive weeks before finally starving to death–a most painful way to die, especially having to watch other loved ones suffer and pass away from lack of water and food).

Folks, open your eyes and wake up! None of us want to see our children starve to death in front of us. Our family is our Number # 1 responsibility. Are we not wise enough to see what is happening around us? Our unstable national and international political/economic/financial conditions beg us to pay closer attention to what is going on around us. How much warning do you think we’ll get when conditions go “south?”

My suggestion is to sequester at least one month’s supply of food and water to prepare for the inevitable and unknown future crises which shall surely come!

Vulvpes vulpesBe Prepared!