My Faith


 In the present world’s turmoil, some would ask one or more of the following questions:

“Is there a God in heaven?”

“If so, does God know and love me?”

“Why doesn’t God communicate with man any more?”

“Each year, I see my life slipping away as I get older, yet I feel no closer to God.  What do I need to do to bring him into my life so that I can be prepared to meet him before I die?”

“I have my freedom of choice in regards to choosing a religion and my personal beliefs.  Can I use the Bible as a guide in finding and choosing God’s truths today among the thousands of religious organizations that profess to be his?”

My faith:

God lives. He is our spiritual father and he knows us each by name.  He loves each of us.  He is aware of the choices we make, good and bad.  

 In order to know his will, one needs to seek it through humble prayer; this means each of us needs to find a secret place to communicate often and regularly by praying and asking for his help.  All of us draw nearer to God by asking.  If we don’t ask, it is pretty certain he may not answer.  How should one pray?  Begin by addressing God, our heavenly Father, then give thanks for many blessings, then ask for special help or assistance with any problems or questions, then close in the name of his Son (See the Book of James in New Testament, chapter 1, verses 5-6).  He will surely answer— but in his own way and in his own time.    

 Look for answers to questions in the holy scriptures by reading them each day.  The Bible is treasure house of spiritual wisdom.

 If one is serious about finding God’s truth and his actual living prophets who receive revelation, today, one just needs to ask… and keep asking.  If one is humble and truly sincere, an answer will be sent as surely as the sun rises in the mornings.  It may not be immediate, but it will come if one is sufficiently humble and sincere.  Most likely, one will not hear a voice or see a vision.  However, be prepared and sensitive to be able to recognize spiritual impressions and feelings of peace when they come.  This is the most common way of Heavenly Father’s communications to his children.

                                                                                                          E. Blake Hart